This list presents a collection of unique voices that speak for one or more of the themes addressed in this venue, including Mary Magdalene, inclusion, the primacy of love in the Christian way and the promotion of critical and creative thought.  All of them present various
degrees of challenge to traditional Christian frameworks and perspectives. 

It is our hope that these voices, which speak from a wide variety of places and in a wide variety of expressive styles, may speak to a broad range of perspectives.

Thought-provoking writings on the specific subject of Mary Magdalene may be found in the works of  Jane D. Schaberg, Elaine Pagels and Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza.

The Center for Progressive Christianity                                             
    "An approach to Christianity that is inclusive, innovative, informed..."

The Institute for Welcoming Resources                                    
    "Towards a Welcoming and Inclusive Church"; affiliated with the National Gay and Lesbian
              Task Force

The Magdalene Review   
      A blog presenting diverse thoughts on Mary Magdalene; affiliated with,
               which links to related sites.                                                                 

New Dimensions International                                                  
     "Radical Inclusion" from an evangelical foundation; lead by Bishop Carlton Pearson, author
                of The Gospel of Inclusion

The Paulist Fathers                                                             
        Inclusion and ecumenism from a Roman Catholic foundation

The Progressive Christian Alliance              
      "Radical Inclusion"; centered on the two commandments of Jesus

        "Christians for Justice and Peace"

The William Edelen Ministries                                 
         Advocates for reason, religious literacy and "an enlightened alternative to radical,
                    dogmatic fundamentalism"